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Can be engraved on underside of  lid if required

A Toilet seat that will add a unique individuality to any bathroom.

Universal fitting.

Fitted in minutes, all instructions supplied.

Corrosion free hinges & screws

Traditionally sized, ideal replacement Toilet seat Solid wood construction.

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But the fact is, nobody knows exactly who invented the toilet, but the general consensus is that it was not Thomas Crapper. While toilets date back to ancient times, the modern toilet can be more accurately traced back to Sir John Harrington, who described a waste disposal system in the Metamorphosis of Ajax in the 16th century. Some accounts of Thomas Crapper's life indicate that he patented the flush toilet in 1861, but Adam Hart-Davis, author of Thunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper, discovered that, while Thomas Crapper filed for a total of six patents, the earliest being filed in 1881, not one of them was for a flush toilet.


SHHH!!!! Not a lot of people know this BUT


The word on the personalised engraved toilet seat is that the toilet's first big-screen debut was in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho in 1960. The toilet had one line: "flusssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh....." Janet Leigh's character, Marion Crane, can be seen flushing the toilet shortly before getting stabbed to death by "mother." Unfortunately for the toilet, it was greatly upstaged by the shower.