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A unique collection of engraved wall art, any one of which would be a true Focal point for any room of the house. Set with layered birch veneers through which the images have been sculptured down through the layers giving a great mix of colours and patterns to the design.
These will really catch everyone's eye!
Truly Stunning as wall-hung examples of engraved contemporary art, or as stylish accessories to a modern home, there's nothing else like them!!

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People have always shown an interest for wall art. Prehistoric man even expressed and interest in wall art and painted images using natural local pigment. So called cavemen invented expressionism, they would use natural pigment to create cave drawings which narrated the damagers and lifestyles that these early ancestors experienced and lived.
From the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans through to the inhabitants of the Middle Ages. Wall art was created and used to visually enjoy and appreciate in leisure, to document historical events and to narrate society.
As humans, why do we have such a keen interest in art and why do some humans love art and others not?
From archaeological findings and carbon dating we know how long Man has been interested in art. Maybe a love of art is a genetic trait and has been passed down from our ancestors. Today it seems that most people are either into art and contemporary wall art or not. It seems to be a trait that people are very into contemporary wall art or not at all. It could be the case that there is a gene that generates a love for art, which some people have and some don't.
Humans are visual beings and it is well documented that some humans respond better to visual images, some respond better to touch and feelings and some respond to sound and the auditory system. Maybe the reason why some humans like art more than others is nothing to do with a gene that gets passed down through generations. Maybe it's related to the fact that some humans are more visual than others and maybe the reason that some like contemporary wall, or some like abstract wall art whereas others prefer modern wall art is down to different levels of visual perception.
Whatever the reason for our love for contemporary wall art and abstract wall art, looking from history, it is almost certain that humans will continue to love art which means modern wall art is here to stay.
The modern art movement of Pop Art was a hugely successful modern art movement. The height of it's
Popularity was during the 1960s. The champions of Pop Art were Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Tom
It is widely thought that Pop Art was a reaction to Abstract Expressionism or it was an evolutionary
Move from Abstract Expressionism. The concept of Pop Art was parallel to the ideas of Pop Music whereby
It is designed to be consumed by the masses as opposed to solely the elite.
Pop Art used images of everyday household objects and presented them in a manner that made the audience
Think differently about them or think about them at all. Famously the painting of a Campbell's soup tin
By Andy Warhol was a great example of the idea that objects can be presented to make people notice and
Think about them. Would you ever usually study a can of soup for more than 3 seconds? Probably not
Pop Art made people think about consumables and household images in a different light.
In the history of Pop Art one of the highlights was when Andy Warhol famously established, 'The Factory'.

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